To the official website of Small Steps Education and Consultancy Network – an anti-racist community collective of companies and volunteer networks.

Set up to tackle racism and provide education and training, Small Steps, is different.

Set up by people who really know what it’s like being involved, many former activists themselves our aim is to raise awareness and help educate people about the real dangers of Far Right extremism.

Seeking to assist professionals, agencies, schools and communities to gain a better understanding, we go further tackling many of the implications to society and look to offer inclusive alternatives to people attracted to the message of the Far Right.

Supporting local communities to celebrate diversity, we look to promote a better understanding of all cultures within the UK, including the indigenous culture which if Ignored will only go to build the Far Rights case. Instead we provide a counter argument to this and reduce the appeal of extremism and violence.

Open to discussion, Small Steps is always willing to listen and talk.

Please enjoy your visit to our website and If you have any questions, please contact us.