Reducing far-right extremism through education and training

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Training and workshops

In today’s chaotic world young people are increasingly vulnerable to far-right voices. Our training, workshops and lessons aim to raise awareness of the far right and tackle radicalisation.

The Small Steps story

We are former members of far-right organisations who have rejected violence and far-right narratives. We are now committed to exposing and eradicating far-right extremism in the UK.

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The far-right threat

The far right has become increasingly visible in recent years – online and on the street. Promoting a divisive narrative, far-right groups exploit the general public’s anxieties about the rise of Islamist extremism, deprivation and global conflicts.

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Support and speakers

We help organise events and provide specialist speakers for communities, educational establishments and professionals who are tackling far-right extremism. We also provide information, educational items and offer one-to-one guidance and advice through our confidential support services.

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Leave the far right

Questioning your involvement with the far right but not quite sure how to get out? As former far-right extremists we know how hard it can be to leave these groups, so we’re here to support you in making this important and brave decision.

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