The far-right threat

The far right has existed in the UK since the 1930s, when Oswald Mosley formed the British Union of Fascists (BUF). Through street activities, online propaganda and political ambitions, the far right has been successful in recruiting and mobilising supporters, sometimes with violent and deadly consequences.

How does the far right use the internet to recruit?

Far-right groups have become increasingly sophisticated in using social media to recruit and radicalise young people, predominantly young white men aged 18-45. In this article, we look at some of the tactics they use.

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How to spot signs of far-right radicalisation

Are you worried that someone you know has been radicalised? In this article, we outline some of the behavioural changes that are common to far-right radicalisation and extremism.

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A recent history of far-right violence in the UK

In this article, we outline the history of far-right extremism and look at how the far-right’s divisive, hate-filled narrative enables radicalised individuals to become violent.

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