Training and mentoring

Teachers, frontline service professionals and the police

Teachers, frontline service professionals and the local police play a key role in ensuring safer schools and communities across the UK. Our workshops and courses aim to empower them so they can recognise the signs of radicalisation and give advice on intervening where appropriate.

Far-right awareness course

  • Who is it for? Teachers, frontline service professionals and the police
  • Course length 2 hours

Tailored to the needs of frontline workers, such as teachers, child services professionals and the local police, our far-right awareness course provides detailed information about the far right’s activities in the UK, the history of the movement, as well as the severity of the current threat.

We help teachers differentiate between adolescent behaviour and far-right radicalisation, and demonstrate the kind of websites and social media the far-right recruiters use. For the police and professionals, our workshop focuses on the far right’s training techniques and legal loopholes they use when they’re under arrest.

Also included as part of the training is access to our unique Support Hub which offers continued information and is only available to training attendees.

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National support service

  • Who is it for? Councils, Charities, Businesses and the Police
  • Availability All year round, annual fee applies

We offer year-round specialist support by phone or email to those who need expert advisors without having the cost of having their own department. This service is designed to answer questions you have about the far-right and give advice on issues that may come up during your work at local level. Supporting people to really understand the issue and tackle it the service includes: advice and support for 12 months, two training sessions and a report on the far – right in your local area. Subscribers also receive a 10% discount on any further training booked throughout the year.

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What people say about our work

Nigel spoke to around 50 police managers and partner agency reps. His presentation about his life story, the far and extreme right-wing scene in the UK was up to date, interesting and at times very funny – a real eye-opener. Nigel speaks openly and enthusiastically, but most importantly with real authority on this important subject. Thank you.

DI Turner
Avon and Somerset Constabulary

Nigel has been instrumental in raising awareness of the dangers of far-right extremism in Hounslow. Several students were taken aback with the propaganda used by far-right groups including subtle symbols and overt narrative. Nigel’s project offered robust and clear solutions to counter the far right. We look forward to welcoming Small Steps and, indeed Nigel, back to Hounslow.

Najeeb Ahmed
Hounslow Prevent coordinator

Spotting Far Right Codes

White supremacists and the far right often use codes to mark their territory and communicate with one another. They may look harmless but they have hidden meanings that carry extremely violent messages.

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How does the far right use the internet to recruit?

Far-right groups have become increasingly sophisticated in using social media to recruit and radicalise young people, predominantly young white men aged 18-45. In this article, we look at some of the tactics they use.

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A recent history of far-right violence in the UK

In this article, we outline the history of far-right extremism and look at how the far-right’s divisive, hate-filled narrative enables radicalised individuals to become violent.

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